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Man lives in his deed. His creative works make him alive in years in the History of the world. So as the highly gifted man is Alhaz Md. Firoz Miah whose glow of work made the people of Ashuganj enlightened and uphold the gate of higher education.
Alhaz Md. Firoz Miah was born in 1951 AD on Bande Ali Bapari Bari at Araisidha in a traditionally Muslim family at Ashuganj in Brahmanbaria. His father’s name is late Alhaz Md.Sona Miah and Mother’s name is late Alhaz Kadren Nesa. He is the second among his five brothers and three sisters. Being a children of a middle class family, Alhaz Md Firoz Miah passed his childhood at his grandparents home Talshahar. After passing his S.S.C Examination he joined a business. Now a days, he is a successful businessman. Side by side business he joined many social, educative and political activities .It became his habitual activities to establish many educational institution for expanding education. He implemented the hope of the residence of Ashuganj . Consequently, he established Firoz Miah College at Ashuganj,Brahmanbaria for increasing higher education in Ashuganj. Later, he created Honours, Degree(pass), H.S.C and H.S.C (Business management). This college being a very highly educative one, has passed its 23 years. This college expanded the light of knowledge and acheived a successive result. He established Araisidha Mannania Hafizia Orphanage and Madrasha in 1979 AD at Araisidha for the orphan children for religious value. He also established a mosque named Araisidha Baitul Mamor Masjid in 1978 AD earlier. He made a great influence in establishing Ashuganj Kinder Garten in 1986 AD.Being a First Kinder Garten of Ashuganj Upazilla.This Kinder Garten is spreading the light of knowledge among the children .
He is active not only in establishing institution but also in effective management. He has played an active role as the President of Araishidha K.B High School, Ashuganj Adorsho Biddya Kanon, Vice President of Araisidha Kamil Madrasha, Member of the managing committee of Talshahar A.A.I High School, Kholapara Shah Farashat Ali High School, Governing body of Talshahar Karimia Senior Madrasha, President of Ashuganj Kachari Moshjid,.
At present, he is performing the role of President of Ashuganj Jamia Islamia Madinatul Uloom Madrasha, , President of Araisidha uttar Government Primary School, President of Ashuganj Kinder Garten. He has given the educational materials among the learners throughout Ashuganj Upazilla by his personal contribution.
He is the life time donor of Bhairab Railway High school, Araishidha K.B High School, Talshahar A.A.I High School, Talshahar Karimia Senior Madrasha, Kholapara Shah Farashat Ali High School and Ashuganj Public Library.
In the time of flood in 1988, 1998 and 2004 he stood beside the affected people. He distributed food for the affected people of every Union of Ashuganj upazilla. He gave monetary help in building the boundary wall of many graveyard. He has made some street in his village by his personal finance. He has given financial help to many poor, helpless people. These social activities of Alhaz Md. Firoz Miah have made the society beautiful and effective.
In 1999, Alhaz Md. Firoz Miah was regarded as the greatest benevolent in Brahmanbaria district in respect of primary education. Later, in 2011 he was awarded a special honor by Liberation and Independence History Studies Foundation, Dhaka for special respect on education and social work.
This kind hearted, education oriented and benevolent person is deeply admired and greeted by all for creating the greatest way to broaden the light of knowledge among the people of Ashuganj upazilla.


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